How much money can I make?

Our Printing Packages can make literally thousands of products…. However, in this instance, let’s just take one of those items, the humble mug.

The average customised gift mug in the UK is around £7.99.

Now let’s think about this – there are 27.8 million households in the UK. If we take a very conservative guess that each household buys 2 single mugs per year on average (I bet, like me, you buy more than that!) – this equates to 55.6 million mugs purchased every year.

If you were to tap into just 2% of that total market, selling your mugs for an average cost of £7.99 – you would create an income of over 1 million pounds per year…from just mugs!

We understand not every person will become a millionaire from making mugs, but it clearly shows the potential to make great profit from a tiny fraction of the overall market.

Couple this with ability to also create t-shirts, hats, phone cases, work wear, sports equipment and so much more - we know that with the right application, you can create a very profitable business.


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