Wouldn't it be cool if you had someone to call for a bit of advice if you get stuck.. ?

Imagine having email support FOREVER when buying new equipment.. ?

Wouldn't this be pretty cooooool.. !

Get your equipment from us and that is exactly what you will get !!

What is after sales support..?


After sales support is something that every company should offer to their customers.


In this day and age if you buy a product from someone that costs thousands of pounds then you should expect to receive some level of support, but unfortunately the cold hard truth is that most companies do not offer ANY at all.. !

This is where we are different, we offer every customer after sales support, we will always help out if and when needed. No matter how big or small your problem is.

If you buy an individual item from us then we will help you with anything to do with that particular item if you get stuck or need a little advice. If you buy a complete business start up package from us then the support will include anything that you could ever get stuck on (to do with the equipment, software or production)

I think one of the main things that sets us apart from our competition is our after sales support, you have email and phone support but you also have access to our member zone to chat with each other and also watch videos that show you every step of every process that you could ever get stuck on ! (these videos are still in production and will be ready very soon)

In a nutshell if you buy your equipment from us you can rest assured that you won't be dumped after you have had it delivered or you leave us. We are always on hand to help. (but not at 3am in the morning - someone did try once..)

Jokes aside though when I first started my business I had nobody to help me, sometimes it was quite lonely knowing I was probably only one click away from doing what I wanted to get done, but I never knew what that one click was and watching youtube videos for hours upon end sometimes just never helped me.

After sales support is important to you and it is equally important to us because we want you to always be confident in what you are doing !

Training and appointments at our unit are strictly by appointment ONLY, this is so we don't disrupt any sessions that may be in progress.

Call us on 0800 410 1661 or contact us using the link below to arrange a date..

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