Galaxy Packages

The Galaxy start up packages are excellent quality and the large elements come with a lifetime warranty


You will get a 3 year warranty with the other parts to the press, You will get a 12 month warranty with the laptops and the printers.

These packages are a great way to start your new printing business, whether you are going to set up from home, a shop, a unit or maybe you are buying it to add it on to your current business, whatever the reason we are sure it will be a perfect for all of your needs.

If you have done some research in to heat press machines, you will understand that almost all machines look the same, or at least very similar. This is not the case though in performance.

The Galaxy range of heat press machines are built with quality in mind, every element of the machine is excellent quality, from nuts and bolts to the heating plates. Only the best parts are used.

We believe that these machines are up there with the best in the world, they are now well known to be market leaders.