Sublimation Printers

Our new range of Epic Sublimation printers is finally here !

These printers are excellent quality and produce an unbeatable print quality when used with our range of Epic Sublimation Ink.

It is super important when you are setting a sublimation printer up that you are using an ink profile that was developed for that particular printer and set of ink, any old ink profile will not work with any set of ink. Our ink and profile will produce unbeatable prints. Guaranteed !!

We have been both Sawgrass and Sublisplash dealers previously here in the UK and we believe that our new ink is better quality, at a better price. When set up correctly with the new EcoTank printer range it is unbeatable !!.

We use these printer set-ups ourselves in our own fulfilment business for perfect results every single time !

If you need any help give us a shout on 0800 410 1661