We believe that it is important to get off to the right start in your new business.

If you wanted to drive a car you would get training.. right ?

Using new machinery is no different, training just makes everything that little bit easier (and safer) !

What training will you get ?

We will show you everything that you need to get going in your new printing business. You will learn everything from basic software design to using the machines, and then on to making some products. 

Will you get training if you just buy an individual item from us ?

No unfortunately you won't, training is only for people buying complete business start up packages from us. 

If you buy one of our start up packages you will have comprehensive training, you won't leave us (if you come to our unit), or we won't leave you (if we deliver it) until you are totally happy that you can use everything correctly.


There is no time limit on the training. It usually takes between 2-4 hours for a full package.


Like I say though there is no limit, if we are getting a hotel, then we are getting a hotel :-)) 

Training Includes:


  • Full Basic Software Demonstration to include building templates, tracing images, working with layers, importing designs + much more

  • We build a phone case and a mug template using Photoshop Elements and we then show you some nifty tricks with it of, importing designs, colour matching etc

  • We will design some text and show you how to trace designs/logos enabling you to cut them out on your cutter/plotter

  • We show you how to set the printer up for optimum performance and we print out the phone case and mug templates that we have made

  • We cut the design out that we have created using your cutter/plotter and we show you the best way of weeding (getting rid of excess vinyl)

  • We then make the mug and phone case using the heat press machines and show you the basic controls and how to set the times/temp etc

  • We then make a t shirt with the vinyl that we have already cut and weeded, using the flat heat press

  • We will then discuss how to press sublimation print onto polyester fabric and also heat transfers used for photo images on to cotton fabric etc

  • We then explain a few other operations and give some helpful tips for you going forward

  • You then have the opportunity to go over anything that concerns you and ask any questions

Training and appointments at our unit are strictly by appointment ONLY, this is so we don't disrupt any sessions that may be in progress.

Call us on 0800 410 1661 or contact us using the link below to arrange a date..

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