Exciting News - Our New Epic Ink !!

We have some great news, we have been developing a new ink for a few months behind the scenes with our new partners in Europe.

Epic ink is our own brand new variation of sublimation ink and it has been through some very stringent testing. We have been trying to produce an ink as good as the leading brands and we have now done so.

It will come with a 2 year use by date just like Sublisplash and Sawgrass. Cheap ink from China only has a 6 month use by date. Cheap ink is also famous for ghosting and inconsistent colours when printing through a variation of substrates.

It is important to us to provide top quality products at unbeatably low prices, with our new Epic ink we have done just that !

This ink is as vibrant as the more expensive alternative brands and will come in full 100ml bottles, getting you a lot more prints for your money.

Sublisplash RRP is around £185 with only 31ml of ink in CM and Y and only 44ml in the larger K cartridge.

Our ink will come in 100ml bottles at only £75 per set. In essence this is the equivalent to 3 sets of ink from Sublisplash, costing over £550 !!

What you can always rely on with Start 2 Print is being trustworthy, why would we pay £550 for ink when we can get the same quality for £75.....

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