Finance to start your own business

We know our packages are great value, and the income that they can provide if utilised correctly is limitless! Countless

customers have gone on to own their own successful printing

companies, and that makes us proud! Especially during a

national pandemic, where extra income is so important!

Therefore, to ensure more of you ladies and gentlemen can

tap into your business potential, we have teamed up with "PayItMonthly" to provide finance on our start up Package

Range! But the good news doesn’t stop there…’s also interest free!

Now you can go-ahead and purchase one of our packages with flexible

deposit options and payment plans up to 12 months to help

spread the cost! And because our packages provide you with

your very own business, they end up paying for themselves!

You can visit our website ( to get your finance quotes, or you

can call us too, where we can go through a finance application over the

telephone. We know how successful our printing packages can

be, so if we can help people to realise their business

potential, then we’ll take huge pride in that!


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