Our new Clothing Brand "Black Belt Banter"

We are excited to launch our own brand new clothing brand called Black Belt Banter, this brand is launched under our holding company The Gal Group.

The brand will see a combination of both wit and style, with lots of cool designs and banter.

We have trademarked the quote "Black Belt Banter" and also the design incorporating the master in his gi.

This is another step in our journey, the journey since buying a start up package like the ones that we sell. We now have a fulfilment business making products for schools, sports clubs, businesses and other avenues, a clothing brand and also this business - Start 2 Print, which sells the equipment enabling all of this cool stuff to be possible.

This adds another string to our bow, which we believe sets us way ahead of anybody else that sells printing equipment, nobody has our experience and we mean nobody !

Would you like to start your own clothing brand like ours ? Let us help you..

Take a look at our business start up packages by clicking here.


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