Photo t-shirts are a hit

Photo t-shirts are a great gift idea for anybody, these ones seen here were printed for a pair of local football teams coaches.

These t-shirts cost around £2.50 each to make, this includes the t-shirt, vinyl and transfer paper needed to make them.

We charge £15 each for these t-shirts and they take roughly 15-20 minutes to make from start to finish.

This would give a profit of £25, making an hourly average of £75+ if making a variation of t-shirts like these ones. This would give a daily wage of around £600 if you were busy all day and it would only take around 48 t-shirts to make this sum of money, easily printed with one member of staff.

The ideas used for t-shirts like this is huge for things such as coach gifts, charity run tops, birthday clothing, stag and hen doo's, Christmas gifts and a host of other things.


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