We have been hearing some astounding things about a new sublimation ink on the block so we thought we would give it a try, hasten to add we thought there was no chance it would compete with Sawgrass Ink, we were WRONG.. 

We have been testing the ink from Sublisplash for over a week now. The black is very deep and I would say with honesty that the ink vibrancy in full colour is slightly better than that of Sawgrass which has shocked us all here.

Substrates tested were polyester, metal, ceramic & neoprene.

You will be happy to know that we are now certified Sublisplash Dealers here in the UK, the contracts were signed yesterday so the ink will be available on our website from early next week when we receive our first delivery..

#Innovation #MovingForward #BestSubInk #CustomersComeFirst


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