Epic Ink Rocks The Market !

We are delighted with the response from our customers since our sublimation ink has gone live on our website this week.

Plenty of enquiries, sales and plenty of people that can see that the days of paying silly money for high grade sublimation ink are WELL and TRULY gone !

We are always on the look out to offer the best products and at the best prices. We have done it since we started and we will continue to do it...

Having our own brand of ink now gives us full control over the quality and the pricing, we are offering ink that is as good, or better, than the leading suppliers worldwide..

Why pay over £500 for 400ml of ink when you can get the same quality for just £75, we will be looking to help all of our previous customers to get changed over to this ink, so please do not worry if you have had a system from us in the past with a different ink system. You can still get these great savings !!


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