Where Can I sell My Products?

Chapter 1: Ebay.

Ebay has been around for many years, being one of the worlds first online auction sites providing people with a fantastic online selling platform.

It has built massive trust in the consumer market - especially with some previously reluctant to complete transactions online and trust the shipping process.

Getting traffic to see your products is one of the first obstacles to hurdle when starting a new business. Luckily, you can piggy back straight onto the fantastic SEO that Ebay offers. Nearly all Google searches about specific products lead straight back to Ebay! Get your search criteria correct and you can capture a huge online audience directed straight to your products. Currently Ebay has around 183 million customers! Tapping into just 0.5% of that market and you're on to a winner.

Another great feature that makes Ebay unique is the auction platform. So you have the chance to create a really impressive product that attracts a lot of bidders... and who knows, maybe it'll sell for far beyond your expectations...

Of course when using an online platform like Ebay, there are fee's to pay - luckily, Ebay is one of the lowest charging online selling platforms with an average commission of just 10% (lower than Amazon).

Ebay also uses the seller rating system - get yourself to the top of that list and your products will be flying out the door. It's great to generate customer feedback and become a trusted seller, as this can be advertised on other platforms too and promote the fact you ship on time and create quality products! 5 star Ebay customer feedback and seller ratings are very valuable and a major marker for for the reputation of your business!

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