Which laptop & software should you use

This is one of the biggest pit falls of starting out in this business, what spec computer do I need and which software is the best and easiest to use.

We have a certain set of guidelines that we stick to with our laptops used, they must be i5 as a minimum processor. This means running multiple applications is easy and fast.

If you use a lower grade of processor you will have a lot of lag when loading programmes or downloading files etc. Some of the processors used in the cheaper laptops are not fit for purpose within this business so please bare this in mind before making your choice of system.

Lots of good software is available to use, some freeware, some paid monthly and others that have a lifetime licence. We give you lots of advise when you come to see us for your training and if you buy a package from us, you will get a laptop with software pre installed that we use ourselves within our fulfilment business. We also give advice on colour profiles and drivers needed to run certain machines etc.

Again if you buy a start up package from us, everything is set up for you.


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