We get asked pretty often why people don't see all of our ​stuff on eBay or Amazon, the answer is simple, the fees are just too high.

We have however decided to add a small selection of what we do to both of these portals so that you get to see what it is that we have to offer if this is the only place that you search.

Unfortunately the price has to include the 15% in fees that we loose when we sell on these sites which is really unfortunate. If the fees were low we would kindly swallow them for our customers but the 15% mark is just too high for us to do this.

What we hope happens is that the Amazon or eBay buyer finds us, and then searches for us online. A purchase on our own website will be better value.

We love eBay and we also love Amazon but we don't love the high fee's that come with selling with them, so unfortunately if you want access to our full range of products you will only ever get them all and at a sensible price right here on our website.

If you see it elsewhere you are welcome to buy it, but we just wanted to let our customers know why the prices may be more when found elsewhere..


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