Galaxy Dino x4 Mug Heat Press Machine - Air Compressed


An excellent quadruple mug press from Galaxy, with air.

Are you looking to print onto mugs and create that perfect gift or promotional item..?

This Mug Press Machine will help you to create personalised mugs, whether it’s for a work or whether its for a personal occasion such as Mother's Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day or any other occasion – you will be happy with this machines ability to make all of your items look absolutely fantastic.

The heat press machine is fitted with a digital controller for regulating the time and temperature and has a very simple, easy to use pressure adjustment handle.

This press is a clamp type press and it can be used for other products such as money jars, beer steins, drinks flasks and thermal cups etc. Make 4 at once.

The Dino single mug press is capable of pressing 10 and 11oz mugs with a changeable heating element to also enable the printing of 6 and 14 oz mugs.

Dino Air has the ability to press 4 individual mugs at once and makes this ideal for clients who may need to press mugs at high volumes and at the same time.

It also features a series link using the connectors on the side of the machine, you are able to link multiple machines together in order to expand you're workflow. 

All connected machines can be controlled using one foot pedal. Pressing the pedal when in series link will lower the mugs into the press without disrupting any other presses.


This Mug Heat Press includes the regular 11oz mug attachments.


Pneumatic Heat Press
Series link to run multiple presses together
Intelligent temperature control 
Foot switch operated 
Automatically rise and lower mugs
Produce 50-60 mugs per hour
500-600 mugs every 10 hours


1 x Air mug press
4 x 11oz Durham heating elements
1 x Foot switch
1 x Operations Manual

AIR Compressor Required ( Not included )


Voltage: 220v / 110v
Power: 350w per heater 
Time Range: 0 - 999 secs
Gross Weight: 31kg
Temperature Range: 0 - 200 °C
Package Size: 73 x 39.5 x 31 cm



Lifetime Product Technical Support
2 Year Warranty (terms & conditions apply) elements are not covered under warranty as these are classed as a consumable part.

Quality Control:
Each heat element is tested before being installed
Each Digital Interface is tested before assembly
Each Heat Press Machine is tested for 10 mins at 200c before packing



If you have been searching online and found cheap heat press machines, then please be aware that they are built totally differently from this one or any other that we sell.

The cheaper ones that you find online will have a lower grade heat element, cheaper all around components and maybe even only a thin plastic lcd display panel that will wear after a very short time and the buttons will pop through.

Galaxy is a trusted supplier worldwide and is renowned for excellent quality and long lasting durability.

We get asked all the time about these other types of machine and we often get people coming to us after buying a dud online when they are trying to save a few pounds.

Always check the sellers website out and then ask to visit them for a demo and see what they have to say, this should never be a problem.

If someone is selling new machines from a home address, ask yourself how the warranty can be honoured if they move home or quit selling.

A genuine UK seller should always have a UK trading number (ours is found at the bottom of our website) this is the best way to check if things are genuine.
Dont waste your money to fraudulent sellers - try to buy right the first time.
We sell the best 3 ranges of machine on the market, these machines are targeted for your specific budget or needs.




Please contact us for further information, we are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Freephone: 0800 410 1661


Prices are +VAT at 20% which is added at checkout.

Galaxy Dino x4 Mug Heat Press - Air Compressed

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